A Q&A with Rich Carlton, President and CRO of Aunalytics, a data platform company that is using predictive analysis and Artificial Intelligence to achieve positive business outcomes.

Can you provide the highlights of your background?

I am a frequent speaker at events and engage with hundreds of business executives about their overall data management strategies. In the high-velocity world of IT and data management, I remain focused on helping businesses harness the power of data and use it to fuel the economic engine of growing companies, communities, and people.

Raviv Nadav — Kino by Kinetx Co Founder & Chief Solutions Architect

How do we bridge the distance that screens put between us and make remote interactions more personal?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced (or perhaps merely accelerated the inevitable) seismic shift towards remote working. It showed how unsustainable — and in many cases entirely unnecessary — it was to write off large portions of each working day to commuting. It is little wonder, then, that as life begins to return to “normal” many of us find ourselves questioning the financial, environmental, and psychological costs of traditional work environments, and gravitate towards new setups which are either hybrid or entirely virtual.

Yet remote…

How greentech can help companies to decarbonise

By Kevin Chin, CEO and Founder of VivoPower

To this effect, governments around…

Lush gives its app a fresh new look and some innovative functionalities to welcome customers back to its UK shops

After a year when most of us had no choice but to do most of our shopping online, Lush was far from the only retailer which had to rely heavily on technology to keep going.

Yet even now as things seem to be returning to something closer to a pre-pandemic reality, and we look forward to going getting out of the house to go shopping (imagine!) …

Camo is an app that makes you look your best in your video calls without tracking users or selling their data.

It’s rare to find an app where even the free version is also free of advertisement. So what’s the catch? Surely it profits from user data in some way, there’s no such thing as a free lunch in tech…

Yet according to Camo’s Founder Aidan Fitzpatrick, the app’s strict no-tracking policy is a point of principle, and there is, in fact, no need for such intrusion into user privacy. Enough of their users are happy to pay the very…

This year is bringing some exciting technology trends that will help designers create more engaging user experiences. We pick our top 3.

Democratizing Animation

Marketers know that few tools are as effective in engaging your audience as a well-crafted animation. Traditionally, however, this type of material has been extremely labor-intensive — and therefore costly — to produce.

By Laura Kobylecky

On March 6 of 2020, South by Southwest was cancelled at the decree of the…

By Laura Kobylecky

Synthetic media is a broad term for the production of media through artificial means. Beacraft introduces the concept with some popular Internet animations. The videos show celebrities and movie characters moving their mouths in sync to the words he is saying, creating the illusion that they…

Leading industry figures at South by Southwest talk about the interplay between connectivity and entertainment.

By Laura Kobylecky

5G is a popular topic in 2021. It was discussed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year and remains a point…


By Laura Kobylecky

One of these sessions is “Space Gold Rush,” a discussion about the possibilities and methods for mining in space. The discussion was moderated by Loren Grush, Senior Science Reporter at The Verge, and included Joe Landon, VP, Advanced Programs Dev, Commercial Civil Space at Lockheed Martin, Alexander MacDonald — Chief Economist and ISS National Lab Program Executive…

Alice Bonasio

Technology writer for FastCo, Quartz, The Next Web, Ars Technica, Wired + more. Consultant specializing in VR #MixedReality and Strategic Communications

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