An Open Letter to All American Dads*

#IAmStillWithHer #PresidentTrump #GodHelpUsAll

Update. I know I speak for many Americans when I say I’m scared. I don’t actually buy that this is the “will of the people” since about half the country didn’t even bother to vote and I want to keep some shred of faith in this great country. But that doesn’t change the fact that for the next 4 years at least, this man holds us all in his power. The tweet below sums it up really…

know that on Tuesday many of you are considering voting for Donald Trump. Maybe because you think he’ll deliver on the promise of millions of jobs, heralding the long-overdue return of “GREAT” America.

Perhaps you just hate Hillary. Something about her emails, her attitude, her clothes, her hair, her stamina, her voice, her husband, or some bullshit.

Or you just want to deliver that big “fuck you” Michael Moore talked about.

On that first one, hate to break it to you, buddy, but it just won’t happen. The only solid business record Trump has got is of consistent failure. Not to put too fine a point on it, most things he touches turn to crap, and the US Economy will be no different. What you’ll end up with is a lot fewer jobs, as the people of Atlantic City found out the hard way. If Trump Senior hadn’t been a multi-millionaire in the first place, you’d never even have heard of Donald. And if Junior had just left all of the dosh he inherited from his rich daddy into a standard stock fund, he’d have made more money in interest than all his “business” dealings over the years.

On the hating Hillary thing…Well, I love Obama as much as the next person with a brain cell does, and given the choice would re-elect him in perpetuity, but that’s not an option. Neither is wishing Bernie were the Democratic candidate. The choice here is painfully simple: President Hillary Clinton, or President Donald Trump. Anything else and you’re just wasting everyone time and playing a jolly game of Russian Roulette with democracy.

Frankly, if you really think that Hillary’s faults are on any kind of par with that sexist-racist-megalomaniac-ignorant-sociopathic Trump rhetoric, you’re probably beyond the reach of reason. Personally, though, I’ m well aware of Clinton’s limitations, but also give her credit for the flack she’s taken over the years, and how much good she’s managed to do regardless of it. If she hadn’t played the politics establishment game (one of her greatest sins according to holier-than-thou critics) she never would have got to where she is. Not even close. And yes, she’s pretty rich, and I’m sure at her age, after a lifetime of shit being flung at her, she probably gets tired of it all. The fact that she doesn’t just go away and enjoy her money, her family, and some nice hobbies, tells me that she actually cares, at least a little, about the fate of the country — and the world. That’s a desirable trait in a President as far as I’m concerned, and one that the other candidate sorely lacks.

So we’re left with that big “fuck you

I get it. Really, I do. Britain indulged in a spot of that just a few months ago, when we voted on the referendum to leave the European Union. Loads of people felt really good about it, right up until the point (a few hours after the results came in) when it became abundantly clear that all those Brexit promises were — SHOCK HORROR — barefaced lies.

But, if you’re going to stick that middle finger confidently up, let’s just be clear on one thing. You’re not sticking it up to “the man.” You’re not sticking it up to “the elite,” or to hated Hillary, Washington, the Mexicans or whoever else you’re blaming for the fact your life is so shitty right now.

You’re sticking that middle finger to your kids, and everyone else’s kids.

Depending on what you decide to do on Tuesday, little girls in America can either grow up believing they could be President one day, or that rich and powerful men have a God-given right to grab them by the pussy.**

They can look to President Hillary Clinton and see that they don’t have to be “likable” to make a difference, and that standing up to what they believe in does not make then a “Nasty Woman.” Or they can look to President Donald Trump and realize that they will always be judged and scored on their looks.

So, American dads, if you have a daughter, you need to look her in the eye as you make that decision on Tuesday, because that’s what that hashtag really means. You’re either with her, or you’re against her.


*and moms, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers… anybody who’s ever looked at a little girl and seen her potential, not a pair of future breasts

** If you take issue with that word, take a hike. The only offensive thing here is the context in which that man used it, and the fact that even after that, some people still think he’s a suitable choice for president.

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