Elevating Your Smile

Alice Bonasio
2 min readOct 12, 2023

Lumineux brings a natural approach to teeth whitening.

In the realm of oral care, Lumineux has emerged as a noteworthy contender with its range of teeth-whitening products. These offerings stand out for their commitment to natural ingredients and substantial scientific validation.

A Science-Backed Whitening Approach

Lumineux has garnered attention by pioneering a teeth-whitening formula rooted in over 60 scientific studies. Their emphasis on natural ingredients, including Dead Sea salt and essential oils, sets them apart in the industry. This focus on research-backed efficacy forms the cornerstone of Lumineux’s offerings. Lumineux® ensures both whitening and oral health are addressed equally.

Microbiome Safe® and Non-Toxic Assurance

Lumineux proudly holds the title of being the world’s first Microbiome Safe® and certified non-toxic oral care company. This distinction underscores their dedication to both the effectiveness and safety of their products. Lumineux’s range not only brightens smiles but does so without compromising oral health.

Widely Available and Proven Effective

Whether through Amazon, Whole Foods, Walmart, or Target, Lumineux® has carved a space as a best-seller. This…



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