Capturing 360 photos and video is a breeze with Samsung’s nifty little camera.

Launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the new Gear VR, this is an updated version of Samsung’s Gear 360 camera and app which allows you to capture, edit, view and share 360 photos and videos, and even live stream in 360 straight from your phone.

The new Gear VR is a beautiful, palm size camera featuring two fish eye camera lenses that simultaneously capture the world around in stunning 360. The 2017 version is a real improvement on the original version, not least because it’s now truly pocket-size, while the previous iteration was simply too big to be easily portable. Your videos and images are stored on the camera on an SDXC card (up to 256GB & sold separately) but can easily be synched to your phone or computer via bluetooth or Wi-Fi for you to edit, save and share in any way you want.

The new Gear 360 sports dual 8.4 MP cameras and produces pleasing, sharp and colourful images that when saved off the Gear 360 are not too large to impact your data allowance when sharing on social media. The 360 videos it produces can go up to 4K resolution but are similarly well compressed, giving your sharp and clear content compatible with 360 capable platforms including YouTube.

Weighing only 130g it is light and comfortable to hold. It comes with a cute rubber ring base to help stand it on a surface or attach a tripod or similar via a standard quarter inch thread in the base. Check out some of the images I captured at Reading & Bestival music festivals this year. Images can be exported in several formats including panorama and the now famous ‘Little Planet’ look.

This tidy little camera couldn’t be easier to use with a simple power button plus start and stop trigger for recording and a menu button to toggle through the settings. It has a very capable internal battery that charges via a simple USB-C port and never showed signs of struggling to get me through a day out. Simply charge it up, pop in a micro SDXC card and off you go!

Both the PC and Mac software and the iOS and Android apps are simple to use and quickly synch with the camera via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so you can save and share your videos and images. It really is a breeze to snap a few pics, synch them with the app on your Galaxy S8 and post then to Facebook so your friends can live the moment with you in immersive 360.

To test it out Tech Trends took it to Reading Festival and then Bestival to capture the raucous experience in rain and sun. After two day’s hard use we were really impressed with the Gear 360 and can vouch for its sturdy design as we dropped it repeatedly in the mud while pushing through the crowds of festivalgoers, the little camera took the hits without problems and kept on shooting throughout the day. Both the Android and Mac Apps worked very well, linking quickly making it easy to achieve the right look you want before sharing the experiences online. All in all, this is a great little 360 camera that fits in your pocket and has the juice to keep going all day!

  • Give friends and family a look into your life as it happens with social 360° live streaming
  • Capture every moment in high-quality 4K 360° videos
  • Easily edit and share content by using the Gear 360 app
  • Comfortably hold the slim and sleek grip

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