Tech Trends Valentines Gift Guide

Alice Bonasio
6 min readFeb 6, 2024

Searching for a nice little something to tell someone that you love them? Look no further than these delightful goodies hand-picked by Tech Trends staff!

From Yummy cakes and chocolates to luxurious skincare, practical luggage to a wonderful way to preserve and share your digital memories, this post has something for everyone. And don’t forget, Valentines is not just for your spouse/significant other. It’s for saying “I love you” to anybody who matters in your life!

Heirloom Video Books

Share the best gift of all, the gift of happy memories! Heirloom video books fit up to 20 minutes of your personalized video. Fill it with your memories, and with special videos made by friends and family. Each video book features a 5” HD screen with a speaker wrapped in a hardcover book. Simply open the book to play the crisp, high-quality video. Heirloom video books do not require any special tech, wifi, or internet to use.

Heirloom is your one-stop destination for preserving and sharing treasured memories with premium video books.
Embrace the modern way of sending heartfelt wishes with our digital greeting cards, ensuring your messages, memories and milestones are delivered in a unique keepsake to your loved ones.

Each Heirloom book comes with a fully rechargeable battery and is made to last.

Available on, Amazon, Walmart , The Paper Store, Etsy and Maisonette
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Price: 10-Minute Book $49, 20-Minute Book $69, Add a gift box for $12!

These books combine the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy your digital memories as well as the tactile joy of leafing through a photo album. Heirloom is a physical book that plays your videos when the cover is opened — just provide your video and Heirloom loads it to your book and can even ship it directly to your loved one.
Heirloom loads your book with your videos and ships it directly to you or your loved one.
The bundle Includes:

• 5″ HD screen (charger included)
• Already loaded with up to 10 or 20 min of video
• Add a personal message inside the cover
• Pick from 16 different…



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