Threads(.com) Traffic Skyrocketing Amid Meta’s Social Network Launch

Alice Bonasio
3 min readAug 3

Unaffiliated work app experiences unprecedented traffic and download surge following Meta’s Threads(.net) launch.

In a surprising turn of events, Threads(.com), a work app competitor unrelated to Meta’s new social network, has experienced an unprecedented surge in traffic and downloads since the launch of Meta’s Threads(.net). According to data analyzed by small business advice company Venture Smarter, Threads(.com) received over 10 million site visits within the first two weeks of Threads(.net) going live, skyrocketing its global website ranking and user base.

A Surge in Traffic and Global Ranking: The Threads(.com) Effect

Following the launch of Meta’s Threads(.net), Threads(.com) witnessed an explosive increase in site visits, with its global website ranking soaring from 545,741 to 5,813 in just two weeks. The comparison of SimilarWeb data revealed that traffic to Threads(.com) increased by a staggering 12,148%, with visits spiking from 88,011 in June to a remarkable 10.78 million in July.

The unexpected surge in traffic made it clear that many users were inadvertently visiting Threads(.com) while intending to access Meta-owned Threads(.net). Interestingly, out of the 90 million visits to Threads in July, over 10 million ended up on Threads(.com), accounting for approximately one in ten visitors.

Downloads Surge on Google Play: A Fortuitous Boost for Threads(.com)

The unintended traffic surge did not just result in high visit numbers, but it also significantly impacted the downloads of Threads(.com) on Google Play. Analysis of their Google Play profile showed a meteoric rise in downloads from over 100,000 to a staggering one million in just a month. Before Meta’s Threads launch, the app averaged around 2,600 monthly downloads. This exponential growth in downloads showcased the substantial awareness boost for the work tool due to the accidental traffic.

The Unintentional Benefit: Threads(.com) Work App Gains Prominence

While some might argue that the traffic directed to Threads(.com) is irrelevant, the analysis of the company’s app page on Google Play tells a different story. The millions of accidental visits translated into a…

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