Unveiling 20 Lesser-Known Talents of Alexa

Alice Bonasio
4 min readSep 10, 2023

Alexa, the ubiquitous voice assistant, is not just for music and reminders. Geonode reveals 20 hidden capabilities that might astonish you.

1. Alexa as a Pet Companion

Missing your pets while you’re away? Alexa can keep them company with ambient sounds or interactive games designed for pets. Many pet owners have found solace in Alexa’s ability to play soothing sounds like birdsong or engage their furry friends with games like “Simon Says.”

2. Whisper Mode

Yes, you read that right. Alexa can whisper back if you whisper a command. Useful for those late-night queries when you don’t want to wake up the household. This feature is a lifesaver for parents trying to check the baby monitor without disturbing a sleeping infant or for night owls seeking answers without disturbing their partners.

3. Brief Mode

Tired of Alexa’s verbose confirmations? Enable Brief Mode, and Alexa will become more succinct, sometimes responding with just a beep. Brief Mode is a productivity hack that ensures you get quick responses when you’re in a hurry or looking to maintain a quiet atmosphere in your home.

4. Skill Blueprints



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