#QuarantinedThoughts — Yo-Yo Diets and Basketball

I have very little faith in humanity these days. Not that I’ve always been such a pessimist, perhaps it’s just old age. Or maybe is watching dumb kids go to the park and play basketball.

Sure, it’s only a recent development that this became a dumb thing to do. It used to be such a healthy, desirable activity. I can still remember those days. But those were very different times. When I didn’t spend several minutes in the morning listening to my neighbors coughing from across the fence and wondering whether it’s just smoker’s lungs or whether they’ve got the bug.

But whether or not we personally get lucky (either by avoiding catching the plague until they find a vaccine or catching it and recovering quickly) I am quite certain the virus will have its fill of death and devastation before this is over, because, as a species, we’re really not very clever at all.

And Easter will prove that. Across many of the current hot spots (U.S., The United Kingdom, Europe) this is a time when we’re starting to get nice weather, and many of us have it in our minds that it’s a holiday (never mind if we’ve been off work or school for weeks, that doesn’t count) and the itch to just sod it all and have a bit of good o’l fun is mighty powerful.

We’re basically at that stage (which funnily enough often comes at Easter) when we feel like we’ve earned the right to eat a few dozen chocolate eggs because we’ve been going to the gym for a whole week and a half and been on the healthy food for “ages.” The reason why so many people succumb to yo-yo dieting is because humans are very good at having good intentions, and very bad at seeing things through.

That’s true even when the consequences of one’s willpower slipping up are evident (chocolate, apparently, makes your clothes shrink) but in battling something that we cannot see until it’s (often tragically) too late, we really are fighting a losing battle, I fear.

Not to say that we won’t have many people — maybe even the majority of us — doing the right thing, but we’re shit-out-of-luck because in order for this to work we actually need all the idiots on board too. And that, I’m afraid, spells out a rough patch ahead for everyone

#QuarantinedThoughts is a random series of ramblings and reflections brought about by a mild case of cabin fever. The author currently resides in an Oregon field with her husband and “The Red Headed League” a family of Staffordshire Bull Terriers named after Sherlock Holmes characters.

Technology writer for FastCo, Quartz, The Next Web, Ars Technica, Wired + more. Consultant specializing in VR #MixedReality and Strategic Communications

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